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Media Art Morocco / MAM ( Media Art workshops series and Master classes in Morocco ), is a symposium on Media Arts culture ( Mixed media formats including: digital film and video, independent cinema, video installations, digital 3Dmapping,video art, sound design, graphic design …with the ability of using media art tools to create interesting and experimental works at lower costs.

The project is open for aspiring Media Artists with professional mentors to learn new ways of experimenting, story development, digital tools, and post-production techniques. Also shape their critical assessment of a project, both in the domain of creation and the management of finance allocated to their projects. The trainees will also learn to analyze and criticize their projects in depth, to create and elaborate a screenplay for an alternative and independent videos, digital art works, video installations....
The workshops will also rise the questions about how media arts creation informs and evolves visual language for artistic expression and personal transformation.

By organizing MAM, we would like to contributing in strengthen the interest in media arts among new, emerging and established artists in Morocco and the Arab region. Using various mediums and mixed media strategies, young new media artists are exploring paths of subjective expression within a newly found and fragile freedom. With many challenges in their societies ahead, young Moroccan and Arab artists are playing more of a role in changing their realities.

The activities programs and events carried out by Arab media lab project and Digital Marrakech festival are aimed at not only providing training for young artists, but also broadening their perspective and approach to the creative process. We believe that art can be and is an inspiring force for change. It can articulate, respond to and / or challenge prevailing realities that hold communities and individuals back.

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