Arab Media Lab launched an online “Streaming and Screening" initiative during the quarantine period From March 18th to Present

To reduce the difficulty of social separation during the quarantine period due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, Arab media lab decided to stream some works from it´s own database film network films and also to share some independent and famousfilms available online made by Arab filmmakers.
AML´ S “Arab Films for free” was launched on March 18, in order to support independent mixed media artists filmmakers and to promote their works, and engage them with audiences of the Arab region.
AML has also shares other films from international mixed media artist and filmmakers. Also master classes and interviews .

The schedule is the following:

Every day 15h:00: ,
we stream An Arab independent and alternative film. Featuring a special review for each film by the Arab media lab PROJECT

Evening 21h00 / 24h00:
we stream various and important alternative films and mixed media art works from Filmmakers from the region and international ( up to 5 films ), also interviews and master classes

So far we screened more than 60 films from The Arab region and more than 30 from international filmmakers and artists

In order to watch the streaming and to get more information please visit our facebook page

List of the arab filmmakers and artists involved until now (MARCH 18-April 20)

Mohamed Rashad ( Egypt )
Abbas Fahdel ( Iraq )
Faouzi Bensaidi ( Morocco )
Kamal Al Aljafari ( Palestine )
Mohamed Moe Sabbah ( Egypt ) Eliane Raheb ( Lebanon ) Ali Essafi ( Morocco ) Ahmed Rashwan ( Egypt ) Izza Genini ( Morocco ) Waad Al-Kateab ( Syria ) Ely Dagher ( Lebanon ) Hicham Lasri ( Morocco ) Moumen Smihi ( Morocco ) Georges Nasser ( Lebanon ) Shadi Abdel Salam ( Egypt ) Hady Zaccak, ( Lebanon ) Meryam joobeur ( Tunisia ) Merzak Allouache ( Algeria ) Rania Stephan ( Lebanon ) Ahmed El Maanouni ( Morocco ) Abdelaziz Taleb ( Morocco ) Chadi Aoun ( Lebanon ) Nabil Ayouch ( Morocco ) Hamid bennani ( Morocco ) Elia Suleiman ( Palestine ) Youssef Chahine ( Egypt ) Soudade Kaadan ( Syria ) Nadir Bouhmouch ( Morocco ) Naji Abu Nowar ( Jordan ) Aoulad-syad Daoud ( Morocco ) Mary Jirmanus Saba ( Lebanon) Hakim Belabbes ( Morocco ) Cherien Dabis ( Palestine ) Shadi Abd El Salam ( Egypt ) Mahdi Fleifel ( Lebanon ) Damien Ounouri ( Algeria ) Tayeb Saddiki ( Morocco ) Raed Andoni ( Palestine ) Farida Benlyazid ( Morocco ) Daoud Abdel Sayed ( Egypt ) Hicham Lasri ( Morocco ) Ahmed Gosseim ( Lebanon ) Mounia Akl ( Lebanon ) Mohamed Abderrahman Tazi ( Morocco )

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